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2015 - 2016 Awarded Projects

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Basic Science


Aaron Fields, PhD

"Enhancing endplate permeability to treat or prevent intervertebral disc degeneration"

Synopsis // Presentation



Vijay Goel, PhD

"Alternations in segmental stability with differing lumbar inter body cages– year II - Continuation Request"

Synopsis // Presentation


Shane Burch, MD

Assessment of spinal balance and range of motion using the Kinect motion analysis system""

Synopsis // Q1 Pres


Edward Nyman,Jr., PhD

"Development of a computational “worst case” device performance tool for use in evaluating orthopaedic implant device design envelopes: ACL graft pilot"

Synopsis // Presentation


Vijay Goel, PhD

"Sacroiliac joint fusion minimally affects adjacent lumbar segment motion: A Finite Element study"

Synopsis // Presentation


Vijay Goel, PhD

"Tapered reduction of cement volume in the proximal vertebrae adjacent tothe fused segment may translate into a decreased rate of Posterior JunctionalKyphosis – PJK (Continuation – effect of cyclic loads)"

Synopsis // Presentation


Baron Lonner, MD and Vijay Goel, PhD

"TP trajectory technique for thoracic pedicle screw placement improving accuracy and reproducibility"

Synopsis // Presentation

Clinical Outcomes


Sigurd Berven, MD

"The effect of educating patients and their support group about the value of mobility"

Synopsis // Q1 Pres // Q2 Pres

Novel Devices/ Materials


Meir Marmor, MD

"Development of Novel Impedance Sensor to Monitor Fracture Healing"

Synopsis // Q2 Pres


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