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2016-17 Impact

CDMI 2016-17 Highlights

  • The CDMI leveraged membership fees by more than seven fold – raising a total of about $2.3M in industry member fees; federal, non-federal, and state funds; capital support; in-kind contributions; and enhancement projects.

  • GraMedica & Graham International Implant Institute and Spider Spine, LLC became new industry members.

  • Two institutions signed MOUs to join the CDMI as affiliate sites: Northeastern University (Boston MA) and The Ohio State University (Columbus OH).

  • The CDMI secured additional funds from FDA to further pursue research on a spinal implant computational model and will be co-sponsoring FDA Smart Sensor Public Workshop.

  • Of the 12 funded projects in 2016-2017, results were published in 15 abstracts and manuscripts, and 23 presentations were given at various talks and conferences nationwide. 

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