Cost-effectiveness Analysis of the Nociscan Guiding the Accurate Diagnosis and Appropriate Treatment of Back Pain due to Painful Disc Degeneration.

Determine the cost-effectiveness of the use of Nocimed/Nociscan compared with usual diagnostic decision making in patients with discogenic low back pain.  The cohort studies would include patients undergoing one or two level fusion surgery for a diagnosis of symptomatic disc degeneration, in the absence of instability or deformity following data from the Gornet study results.  The present care pathway for this cohort of patients includes diagnostic imaging, provocative testing including discography, and diagnostic injections.  The costs of care include both the diagnostic modalities, and the costs of care including inappropriate fusions, or inappropriate use of non-operative interventions resulting in limited improvement or worsening of health status of patients.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Leslie Wilson

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sigurd Berven 

Regeneration of craniofacial muscle after volumetric muscle loss using hydrogel, muscle stem cells and chemokines.

Massive loss of facial muscle from traumatic injuries or cancer resection surgery, often beyond repair, can result in face deformation, pain, and psychological affliction. We propose a combination approach of a bioinspired hydrogel with human muscle stem cells and chemokines to stimulate the regeneration of craniofacial muscle.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Jason Pomerantz

Principal Investigator: Dr. Kevin Healy