Industry Advisory Board

Jeremy Rawlinson


Distinguished Scientist 

Technical Fellow

Member since 2016

Research interests: disease and degeneration, bioactive materials, bone remodeling


Louis Cheng

Chief Operations Officer

Member since 2019

Liisa Burchal


Member since 2018

Director of Operations and Engineering

Member since 2018

Research interests: metrics for safe push/pull activities

Steven Saad

Hassan Serhan

Distingushed Fellow

Member since 2014

Research interests: Smart Implants, Degenerative Disc Disease, Back pain management, tissue regeneration, diagnosis 

Principal Engineer

Member since 2018

VP of Global Innovation

Member since 2014

Research interests: diagnosis, PJK outcomes, growing spine

R&D Department Supervisor

Member since 2019

Research interests: material (especially metal) for medical devices, biomaterials

Abe Al‐Tarawneh

Superintendent, Division of Safety & Hygiene

Member since 2018

Research interests: human factors and ergonomics, occupational safety and health, industrial and management systems engineering

James Ryaby

Chief Scientific Officer

Member since 2014

Research interests: back pain, disc degeneration

Brett Gopal

Vice President

Member since 2014

Research Interests: Broaden understanding of the biology and biomechanics of connective tissue healing.

Steven Nemes

Director of Finance

Member since 2016

Research interests: developing innovative technologies which improve patient safety while preventing injury to healthcare professionals.

Spider Spine, LLC

Spinal Balance, Inc.

Director, R&D

Member since 2016

Research interests: clinical outcomes, technology development, minimally invasive surgery and pain management 


Joseph Zavatsky 

Spine Surgeon

Member since 2016


Richard Pellegrino

Derek Shaw

Fumie Yusa

Aakash Agarwal

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