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Benefits of Joining

  • Establish relationships with a broad array of world-class researchers

  • Participate in open innovation and guide pre-competitive research topics

  • Leverage research funding with low overhead (10%)

  • Have pre-publication access to a diverse portfolio of injury prevention and treatment research projects

  • Gain access to novel technologies, assessment methods, tools, equipment, and instrumentation

  • Have opportunities to recruit students for full-time positions

  • Network with customers, competitors, and payors

  • Learn about the highest and/or most variable
    medical costs from medical payors


  • Determine the most important outcome measures in terms of treatment value and patient satisfaction from payors

  • Have access to all IP developed within the Center via non-exclusive licenses

  • Identify new enhancement project opportunities with individual faculty that are conducted outside the Center

Interested organizations can join the CDMI by becoming part of the Industrial Advisory Board. The IAB advises the CDMI’s management on all aspects of the Center, from research project selection, execution, and evaluation, to the Center’s long-term strategic planning. This extensive industrial involvement in both research planning and review bridges a gap that traditionally keeps US industry from capitalizing fully and quickly on the fruits of research at US universities.


Contact Jake Williams for additional information about joining CDMI.

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