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Look out for 2021 CDMI events!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Stay tuned for event details and registration information for upcoming CDMI events, including:

CDMI Shoulder Workshop (tentatively scheduled for February, 2021)

This workshop will aim to develop a framework for advancing our understanding of shoulder-related injury risk exposures and treatment modalities for shoulder musculoskeletal injury. It will also be a recruitment opportunity for potential new Industry Advisory Board (IAB) members.

CDMI Spring Symposium (tentatively scheduled for April, 2021)

The spring symposium is a great opportunity for potential IAB members to understand the Center and engage with the current IAB, who will discuss how the CDMI has benefited them and share their vision for growth of the Center.

"The University of Toledo looks forward to hosting the virtual spring symposium, which will showcase industry sponsored projects that faculty, staff and students are pursuing. We invite you to join us while sitting in the comfort of your own offices as we discuss CDMI expansion strategies and updates to our Research Roadmap."

- Dr. Vijay Goel, CDMI Site Director for University of Toledo

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