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Highlighted Potential Faculty Projects


Accessing the pedicle of the spine for fixation in spinal deformity surgery is challenging. Drs. Baron Lonner and Yuan Ren have developed a new technique, the Transverse Process Trajectory Technique, to be tested and compared to the traditional free-hand technique. CT scan evaluation, axial pullout, and torsional testing will be performed in this cadaver study. 

Our goal is fusion of realistic human activity and finite element modeling to drive surrogate computational models that improve the “handoff” from industry to regulatory bodies via a desktop tool for enhanced evaluation of the intersection between device design and in-vivo use.


Total joint replacement has been successful in reducing pain and improving joint function for patients with debilitating osteoarthritis. However, these procedures are limited to older patients (>50 years) and have a limited lifespan. Effective treatment of injured or localized osteoarthritic cartilage may prevent further damage and reduce the need for total joint replacement. 

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